The Supreme Infantry Legion is an army based on discipline and respect, We are on our way to the number 1 army of Habbo AU, will we conquer and we will look down at our fellow armies with respect and gratitude.
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 Supreme Infantry Ranks

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PostSubject: Supreme Infantry Ranks   Mon 23 Jun 2008, 2:46 am

ēSiLē Administration ēSiLē

ll Commander in Cheif ll

ll Second in Command ll
Alannah & Scribbled

ll Field Marshall ll
Evangelos & [Vacant]

ēSiLē Ministerial Dept. ēSiLē

<G-G> .:Auz-Rox:. & Pikme
<AtS> Hotman & [Vacant]
<DoW> Cozzi & [Vacant]
<MoE> Forbsy96 & [Vacant]
<MoES> & [Vacant]
<MoI> RockSmashDC & [Vacant]
<MoD> Joseph-bro & Areo
<MoIR> [Vacant] & [Vacant]

ēSiLē Secretaries ēSiLē

<SoS> Shantelle & [Vacant]
<StS> Random & [Vacant]
<SoW> [Vacant] & Kyle
<SoE> TheKid & Alexo
<SoES> Kelly & Dan4106
<SoI> Ninja48 & [Vacant]
<SoD> [Vacant] & PunkPrin
<SoIR> [Vacant] & [Vacant]
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Supreme Infantry Ranks
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