The Supreme Infantry Legion is an army based on discipline and respect, We are on our way to the number 1 army of Habbo AU, will we conquer and we will look down at our fellow armies with respect and gratitude.
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 Pay For SiL

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PostSubject: Pay For SiL   Sat 21 Jun 2008, 7:03 pm

Pay day is on the following :
[ 3pm QLD Time ]

It is your responsibility to make it on pay time or you will NOT be payed.
Any complaining will lead to demotion or being fired.

How Much each rank will be payed:

Enlisted >>> 2-5 credit
NCO >>> 5-10 credit
FG >>> 10-15 credit
General >>> 15-20 credit
Secretary >>> 1hc-2hc
Ministerial Dept.>>> 2hc-4hc
Admin >>> disclosed
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Pay For SiL
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